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Seven Brews is a product of true thirst, passion and obsession. It was their seventh batch of home brew that was drunk in one sitting that hit the spot..…as far as they can recollect Seven Brews was born then and there. Too Easy!

Seven Brews is brewed in New Zealand and Hong Kong and sold at the best pubs, Michelin star restaurants, five-star hotels and in your mate’s backyard.

Seven Brews beers are a full flavored yet easy going on the palate. Like all good ideas Seven Brews’ first two brews were created through the process known as drinking and thinking. The ‘Get Lucky’, a refreshing golden ale with a hint of citrus, and ‘Too Easy’, a super-balanced IPA with tropical fruit notes. both received Silver Medals at the 2018 Australian International Beer Awards and a bunch more at other big deal events.



The founders of Seven Brews are both fully committed to quaffing only the best. These overly high standards were set from the founders Scott and Shiz’s background in the F&B industry. Scott has been involved in the beverage industry for a long while now. Not measured in years but in his waistline. Shiz lives and breathes the restaurant scene in one of the most foodie-focused cities in the world, Hong Kong. Through their passion for beer (and each other), they created Seven Brews.

Scott Andrews is the Head Hop Honcho for Seven Brews. Scott moved to Asia eight years ago from New Zealand via Australia and went straight into the beverage industry importing wine. Discovering that his true passion is beer, he moved to importing and distributing American craft beers to Asia. His vision is to introduce Seven Brews worldwide and followed by outer space.

Shiz is the Chief Story Teller for Seven Brews, integral in creating the story, brand and fridge full of beer (joking, we aren’t sexist. Chewie their puppy owns this role). She also is the DNA Director for award-winning Maximal Concepts, the company behind Hong Kong’s most loved and iconic restaurants. She has been with the group since incorporation and under her prevue Maximal Concepts has expanded overseas to Vancouver, Las Vegas and Bangkok. Her responsibilities include creating and curating over 20 brands, all individually crafted, designed and positioned while leading Projecting Management and Marketing. Wowsers.